Monday, March 22, 2010

mason jars

supposedly mason (canning) jars like this is what the brother stored his gold in, they were put in wooden crates to transport. i have been thinking about casting them... does not make sense to do it here. too heavy to take home, but have figured out it needs to be a fibreglass mold, and the way to do it. i've found some good jars at a thrift store and will bring them home with me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Invention of the World-- Jack Hodgins

thrift store find.

the invention of the world was a popular book in the pacific northwest from 1977 (why is everything i like from the 70s?). it's loosely based on brother xii-- but really a mixup of a whole bunch of island cults/communities and their charismatic leaders...

nice cover too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

old Texte zur Kunst issue-- Romantik

i took this volume of txk with me-- the roundtable discussion on romanticism with joerg heiser, felix ensslin, juliane rebentisch, andre rottmann and jan verwoert is really interesting. i guess i had not thought about the ways in which this project relates to romanticism, or romanticist tendencies/possibilities in relation to conceptual art until now. but i think it's actually quite relevant. i will need to incorporate this into my text outline.

"(...) one can grasp the notion of "romantic conceptualism" as expressing specific gestures of dissolution or incompleteness, gestures of the anti-systematic which subvert the clean solution, the tautological assurance of artistic work."
(joerg heiser)

it is kind of nice not to have read this earlier, to have come to some of the same conclusions/interests on my own... and then see that it actually lines up with some of the things these guys are discussing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the difficulty of starting something...

first posts are always hard. where to start? i guess images arent' a bad place...

these are from a few days ago when i stopped on my way up from victoria in cedar, very close to where the aquarian foundation used to have part of their land...

for some reason the thought of mirrors and doubling has come up a lot. i suppose it does anyways in my work-- maybe it is that when things are doubled, there is no one true image any more, it's impossible to see which one is the 'right' one or which one is up...
anyway, as i said, it's just about finding a place to start.